Sunday, 5 March 2006

Going to the dogs

So, first a vapid TV host gets grief from one community because of what she calls her dogs.

Then, a journo gets crap from the authorities because of what she reports a film star called her dog.

Now, some other people are making a racket about the mere presence of dogs at Gandhi's memorial.

WTF? How is any of this insulting, except to dogs? So, if tomorrow, I go into a cohabitation arrangement with an animal of the canine persuasion, and I happen to refer to my doggie pal as Anubis, would I then be the target of the wrath of all of Egypt?

Update (5/3/06): See Dilip's take here.


പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

For those of use not following the India scene too closely, some reference please...

zigzackly said...


The TV host was Mandira Bedi. She's named her dogs with magnificient Sikh names.

The journo story - well, read this protest from Naresh Fernandes which I posted to we, the media.

And the last story, well, the US security forces accompanying G W Bush used sniffer dogs while they were checking Rajghat before Dubya visited.

Anubis said...

Hey, hey hey! Don't ever call your dog Anubis, OK? Me any my sister Anubiscuit and my horse Seabiscuit are very offended.