Monday, 27 March 2006

We're mature, we are

It is quite unlike us to forget to gloat, so we can't imagine how we forgot to mention that we found this on sale on the last evening of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, with a nice, chunky discount too. Heavy as sin, not the kind of book you can curl up in bed with (the weight on your chest would asphyxiate all but the Indian Steroids Weightlifting Team), so sadly, not one we are physically capable of reading at the moment, but at least we can – metaphorically – caper around saying "Nyaa nyanya nyaaa nyaa."

Er, no, we didn't get the signed edition. That was just the easiest pic to find on the New Yorker store.

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Jabberwock said...

Hope it was a very chunky discount, considering that the Complete New Yorker (text, visuals, everything) is also available on an 8-DVD-ROM set. Though of course, I suppose it's nice to have all the cartoons in one place...