Wednesday 15 March 2006

Pain in the butt

Note to self: don't tempt fate. The "back-breaking" remark in the previous post? Almost proved prophetic.

We, in the course of said assignment, decided it was about time we faced up to our vertigo. So we took a deep breath and took a parasailing run. Spent most of flight staring, as if hypnotised, at the Gypsy doing the towing, and wondering what would happen if the driver hit a bump or the engine cut off and such like. Came the landing, and we, concentrating hard, put our best foot forward.. only to have it slide on contact with the grass. The Gypsy continued to move forward, the chute still billowed behind, so one was suspended 'twixt the two for a brief second.

But then the jeep was slowing down, and the chute was collapsing too, so one's ample butt met ground with some force. Said ampleness was apparently not enough cushioning to compensate for speed of descent, and being dragged a few feet, so our tailbone is more than a little bruised. Staying seated for very long is a bit of a problem. Expect a drop in post frequency for a bit, you lucky things. At least till we get our pictures uploaded. [Update: here ya go.]


Manjula Padmanabhan said...

Commisserations! But looking forward to minute-to-minute updates to da blog. Your discomfort is out gain ...

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Re the injured tailbone (coccyx?): a friend of mine had a similar injury once, and the doctor advised him to sit on an inner tube (the one inside a tyre/tire), and that helped to reduce his (ie the friend's) discomfort. HTH, YMMV, and such.

zigzackly said...

You really don't want to know.

Thanks. One is making do with cushions. But the mere act of sitting down – or rising from a chair – is agony at the moment. Who would have thought there were so many muscles connected to the coccyx?
And, um, one hates to sound ignorant ad unhio, but care to explain HTH and YMMV?

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

(HTH - Hope This Helps.
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary)