Wednesday 15 March 2006

Wanted: new media writers

The kind who are messing around with technology to tell their tales in interesting ways. People who are using things like hyperfiction or podcasts. Who are videoblogging their performance poetry, perhaps. Or playing with blogs in interesting ways. Or doing stuff that's way too cutting edge for an old fashioned blogger like me to grok. It doesn't matter if they're established writers playing with new toys or newcomers with potential.

Preferably, people from Bombay.

Why do I need these people?

Well, Crossword is hosting a mini-LitFest just before their Book Awards. And I'm going to be moderating a session, one that will focus on new media and how writers can use and are using them. It's on the playbill as Traditional Words vs New Media.

Why Bombay?

There isn't much of a budget. :)

Do let me know. ASAP, pretty please. The gab fest is scheduled for the 20th March.

PM, IM, SMS. Oh yes, you could also mail, or even gasp, call. :)


Chintamani said...

I had earlier also commented in the hope that u will help me how to insert a slogan like u put in ur site. Plz do help me this time by saying how should I put a slogan of My Choice in my blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you did not mention in the mousetrap column on citizen reporting. In fact WhiteDrums is India's first complete e-newspaper by the people for the people.