Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Varanasi Blasts

Several friends have mailed, messaged or called to ask about this. Here's what I could get from a fair amount of channel hopping.

The quick summary: at least 2 blasts, 18 killed, between 50 to 60 injured, many seriously.

The first blast was at around 6.30 p.m. this evening, in the Sankal Mochan temple. 6 people killed.

The second blast was later, at the Cantonement railway station. At least 12 killed.

There may have been a third blast, also at the station. Some intelligence agencies say this is not true.

Apparently there was a fourth blast at around 8 p.m. o a train 30 km from Varanasi.

In addtion, 2 live bombs were discovered in a restaurant, and 4 more in Dashashwasmedha (sp?) Ghat.

The CM has announced Rs 5 lakh ex-gratia payment to the families of the dead, and Rs 1 lakh to the injured.

The Railway helplines at Varanasi: 91 5242 2505896 and 91 5242 2509805.

The government has put security forces on high alert, particularly in Delhi, Bombay, Ayodhya, Mathura, Allahabad and Puri.

Many oppostion politcians are seizing the opportunity to blame the government. Just saw the BJP chief doing that.
The BSP has called for a state-wide bandh tomorrow
Some politician has offered what I understood to be a billion rupee reward ... not quite sure what it was about. Will see if I get some more info on that.

CNN-IBn is inviting citizen reports via SMS to 2622 (from Indian cellphones) or via email to citizen@ibnlive.com

Shall update this post if anything new comes up.



Anonymous said...

It is a real tragedy...

Abhishek said...

Highly unfortunate.

Its high time...
Wake up call?

ps: who's calling... who's listening?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes away innocent life is a terrorist. Terrorists have no religion. They are cowards, wicked and inhuman criminals.
To me, act of violence is more blasphemous than danish cartoons. Hope communities discard such rogues from their societies.
Jai Hind, Amir from Mumbai

zigzackly said...


Yes. (And that's an interesting blog you have there. Shall spend some time reading your archives when deadlines clear a bit.)


Good question. Got any answers?


Indeed, sir.