Monday 15 May 2006

Getcha neologisms right here

It is not enough to have invented the term "collablogs."

We vant more, more, more.

And, as we just saw on Sepia Mutiny, it is important to make the claim first.

So, let's start with the easy bits, and thereby secure our place in history.

Ze method is seemple, junior. Take log and add a letter before it, and make up something. Right, here we go. And yes, some of these are stuff we'd barf at if you said it, so pliss to suggest improvements. We'll share the Wikipedia space, wokay?

Alog: [Hm, Abhi of SM says it reminds him of something dirty. Someone explain that to us. Update: TMB very kindly just completed our education. Thanks TMB. So shall we say Alogs are the kind you should flush away?]

Blog: [Gah. Taken.]

Clog: Dutch blogs.

Dlog Bhai-log ka blog.

Elog: Blogs about marine snake-like creatures. (pronounced "eelog")

Flog: Sado-Maso journals.

Glog: Blogs by Japanese dipsos.
Update: Honesty compels us to admit that Glog is taken. It's an abbreviation of cyborglog, which refers to a blog run by a person using wearable computing devices. It's a very interesting word, come to think of it. Two portmanteau words – Cybernetic + organism = cyborg, and web + log = blog – joined to make a third!)

Hlog: Blogs by those irritating pedants who point out to you that words like who, why and when are pronounced hwo, hwy and hwen.

Jlo-g: Jennifer Lopez fanblogs.

Klog: Blogs by breakfast cereal fanciers.

Mlog: Poison recipes only. Emlog. Hemlog. Hemlock. Gerrit? Ah never mind.

Nlog: Journals by people who don't like digital stuff. Update: For the person who emailed demanding an explanation, analogue.

Olog: [Open to claims, this one] Update: Teleute recommends "A blood group specific elitist blog."

Plog: [Stolen by Amazon. Also means "Project Log."]

Qlog: Blogs written on portable computing devices while standing in line.

Rlog: [As with O, even we couldn't think of something silly enough for this one.] Update: Another reco from TeleuteOurlog. Humlog in its online avatar.

Slog: Sarcastic name for blog written by someone on office time using office computer and office broadband.

Tlog: [Gah. Your call.] Update: The prolific Teleute suggests this be devoted to Arnie fans.

Ulog: Blogger posts one line, and then the commenters take over, writing reams and reams of stuff they should be putting on tgheir own blogs.

Vlog: [Taken by those chaps with digital video cameras.]

Wlog: Um. Welsh blogs?

Xlog: P0rn blog

Ylog: Most of the blogs in the 'sphere. The ones about which everyone wonders "why on earth does s/he think anyone would want to read that?"

Zlog: Mi casa es su casa.

Right class. For homework, fill in the ones we left out, and tomorrow, we'll do two-letter add ons. Ooh. Fun.


The Elephant said...

"Alog" is something that you deposit into a toilet bowl. :)

neha vish said...

We just snorted a little milk from our nose after reading this. Never read Peter's Olog (Ohmygod Blog) while having breakfast.

Teleute said...

Olog - A blood group specific elitist blog.

Rlog - Ourlog. Humlog in its online avatar.

Tlog - Arnold Schwarzenegger's blog.

amit varma said...
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amit varma said...

Good stuff!

(Sorry for deleted comment before this, didn't realise you were inviting just single-letter additions. I'll be back for future editions!)

FifthBeatle said...

Here's some suggestions:-

Mlog - Music Blog! [DUH!]

Tlog - one that's dedicated to all those who love their cup of chai

Ravages/CC said...

We would very kindly like to point you to our little space on the live-journal area - which we have long called J.Lo(g).


Anonymous said...

How about this :

Dlog - for those dumb-witted idoits at Shaming Indian Family Group.

Rohini said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Gautam Ghosh said...

Jlog - a "jealousy" blog...?

Like those little IIPM defending blogs that sprung up?

Unknown said...

Clog - could also be a blog that's written entirely in the words that come up first when using the T9 typing mode.

(If you haveb't got it yet, clog is T9 for blog)

david raphael israel said...

Okay Zig, about that Tlog --

I propose, a blog such as Annie Zaidi's -- i.e., which pays some considerable attention to the phenomenology of chai (aka tea aka T). pron. "tee-log" ;-)


Kellog = i) a blog kept exclusively in the morning;
ii) a blog related principally to the Book of Kells.

Never-Metalog = um, a blog filled with folksy wisdom (following from the saying associated with American folksy wiseman Will Rogers, viz., "he never met a man he didn't like").

Nausealog = an existential diary [based on Sattre's turning-point novel, Nausea]

Maybe I'd better quit while I'm ahead.


david raphael israel said...

ineffablog = a blog dedicated to expressing the inexpressible (following from ineffable).

Hapsblog = a blog focusing on historacal anecdotage (etc.) related to the Hapsburg empire

Taliblog = blog related to activities of the Taliban

Tablog = blog kept by a tabla artiste

Tagolablog = blog written in the language Tagalog

Mumblog = (i) a Mumbai blog; (ii) blog kept by a discreet and circumspect (very non-gossipy) blogger; (iii) blog kept by one's mother ("Mum") [especially applicable to English bloggers]; (iv) blog kept by one who rattles on about this or that somewhat incoherently (from "mumble" + blog)

maybe that's enough!

basblog = a blog kept by a blogger who doesn't overdo or overstate things ("enough" [Hindi, bas] is sufficient)

bastablog = see basblog, but kept by an Italian [basta = bas = enough already!]