Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Stationery ain't stationary

If they can't get their URL right, wouldja really trust their software? Check out this mailer from our favourite Redmond company for an app called OneNote, and pliss to note the spelling of stationery. Then, go over to the site it links to, (noting spelling as you go) and you will see that someone did find the error, going by the headline, but they haven't bothered to clean up page title.

Link courtesy Mahesh Murthy.


Asmita said...


thanks to this i learnt the difference between stationary and stationery. guess common errors like 'desert' / 'dessert' sneak up. if only swallowing a dictionary wd help!


Marie-Christine said...

I am a work at home mom (WAHM) with a small home based stationery business. I am also part of several networks & forums of WAHMs like me. It cracks me up (and annoy me at the same time) when I hear others WAHM wanting to launch their own "stationary" business. Geez! At least learn to spell the name of your own industry. LOL!