Friday, 26 May 2006

They pulled what out of where?

Hint: it wasn't the brightest thing to do.

And, butt naturally, there's more of the same here.


neha vish said...

Ewww! No, wait.. Owwwccch!

Karthik said...

Ok now, tell me what you were searching for when you found that. And yes, ouch.

Prakriti said...

How the heck do you find this stuff?

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Oh my gawwwd..
where and how did you find this ?
i mean seriously

what werer u lukin; 4..

zigzackly said...

Karthik, Prakriti, A Abhishek,

Totally disappointing explanation, I'm afraid. Things like this are just by-products of the random browsing I do for my column. This particular link I found, if memory serves, on this site, which I mentioned in today's column.

Sahishnu Mukherjee said...

Hi P,

You checked


zigzackly said...


Indeed I have. An old favourite.