Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Neoblogisms (Getcha neologisms right here - Part Deux)

Blog Neologisms 101: Take an existing word and hack it about a bit. Add or subtract a letter, or a syllable, and hey, presto!*

Right. On with the show. *sounnd fanfare* We proudly unveil, exclusively for your discerning eye, our latest neologism:

Neoblogism: Word coined to describe something in the blogosphere. Contains the word "blog," with smart-arse additions.

Now then. Continuing on from where we left of yesterday, part Two, for your delectation.

We have the simple stuff out of the way. Now we'll go for two- three- and four-letter additions. And we're gonna open it up to you. Leave a comment with your neoblogism and its definition, and if we like it, we'll pull it up here.

Update 1, 2006-05-17

First, a quick run through of some existing neoblogisms, so you don't re-invent the wheel: bloggerati and blognoscenti, blogorrhea, blawg, splog, bleg and blegging, blogroll, permalink, podcast. (Have we left out anything?)

Then, a quick mention of proper nouns that have become verbs, like Dooce and Fisk via the blogosphere, or have been verbiformed (we just made that one up), like slashdotted. (Got more?)

Then – coz it's our blog – our own contributions.

Blogabulary: words frequently used in the 'sphere. Including, but not limited to, neoblogisms. eg. Hit Counter, Track back, Hat Tip, Blogroll, link whore, link love.

Blogger Pradesh: The loose community of Indian bloggers.

(at) bloggerheads: Pick yer sides, there's a scrap happening in the 'sphere.

Bloggerel: Poetry on blogs.

Blugly: Terrible blog template.

Blongblong: The blog equivalent of blingbling. Membership badges, "Blog of the month in Transylvania" badges, the little national flags thingies showing you how many people from those countries are currently visiting, etc.

Oblogation: The compulsion you feel to reciprocate a blogroll link.

Now, we have work to finish, so we'll come back later to pull stuff in from the commentspace (which is a word we stole from Megha.

* This follows the grand tradition of the word "blog" itself, a portmanteau word which started out as "weblog" before the inevitable shortening took place. (If you're remotely interested, we wrote about the history of blogs for a magazine a few years ago. No site for the mag, but our copy is here.)


amit varma said...

If you have a blog where you haven't posted for ages, you can call it a BackLog. In fact, your next blog could be called an EpiLog. And the blog that simply lists all your collablogs could be a CataLog.

Yes, I know, worthy of a FLogging! Sorry...

Ansh said...

Shalog :: blogs from Israel.

Wodelog :: blogs to do with Wodehouse.

Beelog :: not the bees, but for the love of the beer

BachLog :: for the bachelors who got backlogged into not marrying.

MarLog :: Marlboro rocks ! (and kills)

Bollogs :: bollocks to bollywood blogs

TenLog :: LogTen inverse

Shlog :: run by a Slog-ger with a lisp

Golog :: dedicated to the palindrome, also, run by God himself.

Merlog :: merlog.. merlock...merlot.. mais non ?

OffLog :: one run entirely on office time

HeLog !! :: He the Man, He MAN !

Prolog :: Stolen by those geeks, it was actually owned by professional pimps.

Mu/Nu-Log :: all the blogs that use Greek letters hoping to do a Caesar

tht all for now.

As to the earlier one letter additions, a Tlog, should surely refer to those who mention Tendulkar more than Ten times, and a Dlog should be the ones run by Dogs!

Arnold said...

Since you said "word used to describe something in the blogosphere" and not just "a type of blog".. here are my additions..
[a couple of them actually make sense!]

Monoblogue, n : a blog maintained and read by only a single person (kind of like an anonymous online personal diary)
also known as, "Soliblogquy"

Diablogue, n : a conversation conducted in the comments of a blog post between two people who pass comments back and forth to each other.*

Blogarithm, n : a set of tables that enable you to quickly calculate how many hits your blog receives daily

Golliblog, n : A blog maintained by doll enthusiasts who were also fans of the former zimbabwean cricketer henry olanga

* incidentally, if this occurs in a Hindi movie then we only require one person to form a diablogue

shrik said...

Podcaste - Anti (or pro) reservation audioblog?

Teleute said...

WarLog - One for the valiant.

SherLog - For the observant tiger.

ShyLog - Moneylenders Abashed Inc.

WedLog - Grievances unleashed.

Arnold said...

well, here's more

Tagablog, n : Blog by, of and for the Filipinos [written in their language, of course!]

not to be confused with:-
Tag-a-Blog, n : A blog composed only of posts that are tags by other bloggers.

Deep said...

Antiblog: a blog-hater
Blog-ic: blurred logic
Bloggerheads: blogs with topics which make for heated debates (check out greatbong.net for one)
Diablogical: evil blogs (worse, bitchy blogs)
Blogberg: the Blogi-c version of Bloomberg to guide you on finances and trading
Blog in/Blog out: self-explanatory methinks

John said...

Only these come to mind:

sloblog - A slog blog, or, a blog that isn't updated

Spablog - Blog that contains spam forwards

Plagblog - Named after one Vishwanathan, a plagiarized blog

Blahg - Blog that goes blah, blah, blah...

Max Babi said...

very interesting and enlightening, Peter.
Why not :
Indilog - blogs from India
Hindilog - ahem
tipsilog - beery smelling blog
drowsilog -asleep at the keyboard but hammering on anyway,
yawnlog - blog you can't plod thru
brawnlog -redneck blog
droolog - blog from one gone bonkers
lopsilog- lopsided log
boorlog -in your face log
so on and so forth, ad nauseam...

Ravages said...

Long long ago, I invented the Bloggister - short for Blog Magister.

Then there's Blogo - a blog on corporate logos.

There's Telogo - A blog written in Telegu (and hey, it sounds similar too)

km said...

Zigzackly Saar, what does one call a pr0n blog?