Tuesday, 30 May 2006



My friend Hemant Suthar of Fractalink designed this logo. He would like to have it passed around, so here you are.

The HTML for the image is:
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/hsuthar/155233955/" title="Photo
Sharing"><img src="http://static.flickr.com/62/155233955_c12675b034_o.jpg"
width="400" height="400" alt="noreserve" /></a>

Please note: this does not mean that I am anti-reservations.

And the preceding statement does not mean I am pro-reservations either.

I do not know enough to venture a public opinion, and, at this point, like Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.

p.s. As per today's DNA, Hemant's design is on its way to going viral. [Note, that's a large PDF of the entire page. You may prefer to go to today's e-paper, and click your way to page 35. [DNA has a seriously sucky interface, be warned.]

p.p.s. Hemant's blog is here.


neomatrix said...

Thanks Peter.

neomatrix said...

Thanks Peter.
you must read this mail from my friend Poornima Burte


I feel that reservations of any kind are a surface
level solution for problems that are more deep

They are like distributing free medicines to a
population that lacks good sanitation and hygiene. Of
course the free medication is required to save lives
on an immediate level. But it is no long-term
solution. People will still keep falling sick. Its
only when they receive clean drinking water and live
in hygienic surroundings that the problem will go

Its the same with education. If people produce five
children because they are not sure how many will live
to become adults and so that they can have five pairs
of hands to earn money for the family which is on the
brink of starvation, it is ridiculous to expect them
to value school education…even if there are

If very serious measures are taken to obliterate caste
biases and employment with decent remuneration is
given to all who are in a physical capacity to work,
good quality schools with teachers are available at
walking distance from home, education will not remain
the privilege of a select few.

And consider this! In Bombay, two thirds of the
population is crowded in 5 percent of the available
land while the more richer one third is occupying 95%
of the land. Why not have reservation here as well?
But how many of us richer ones will like to shift
into a crammed space and make do with one hour of
community tap water? The problem is that of urban over
crowding and reserving of land is not the solution.
The solution lies elsewhere.. probably in
decentralizing employment opportunities or
strengthening the village economy to avoid mass

Its high time that our government, and we as youth
realize this and take positive steps to tackle the
base level issues. Of course this is a difficult and
more time consuming path. Till then we have to accept
surface level solutions like a package with also
includes some rich OBCs getting medical seats
through reservations!


Poornima Burte

Alltough said...

It's really catching on... Came to your blog via Hemant's and was pleasantly surprised with the wealth of web links you have on your page. Your blog is a perfect antidote for a leisurely day.

Anonymous said...

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