Friday, 12 May 2006

In the flesh (self-indulgent list-making)

People who we have met thanks to their blogs (roughly in the order that we were granted our first audience)
Jai and Samit, who we met over charcoal tablets and beer on a cold Delhi evening.
Dina so, so long after we first met and chatted online and became firm virtual buddies
Amit and Dilip, on the same day at Crossword, thanks to this, and then a few days later, same place, same reason, Yazad
Rahul and Chandrahas at Sonia's book launch.
Uma, and Charu and Scott (in one evening at Uma's, at a party for Scott)
Akshay and Sidin on the same day, thanks to this
Lee and Sachi, who Dina brought along to a panel chat
The world-faymbus Neha
Vulturo, at the wolrd-faymbus Meet the world-faymbus Neha blogmeet.
River (for all of two seconds)
Update (28th May). Last Sunday we met Manish Vij (who is so old-school-cool that he has a three-letter URL), formerly of the very, very faymbus Sepia Mutiny and now the man behind the new-but-already-faymbus Ultrabrown.

People who we knew from before they started blogging and got all faymbus but they still talk to us

People we knew, from before they started blogging, but they just don't bloody well post or they'd be famous too.

People who we had met IRL, but lost touch with and then resumed contact thanks to blogs, but then have not met since:

People who we knew IRL, but hadn't a clue that they blogged till they told us, and then we find that it's a blog that we read:
Prufrock Two

People who we wish would blog, but no, they just sit there smirking, saying "khelbo na."

The how-could-we-have-forgotten-we're-kicking-ourself department
The faymbus Pratik (blogfuhrer of the excellent DesiPundit), who made time to meet us in a shopping mall despite a very rushed schedule involving things like buying engagement rings and getting engaged.

That's what the fading memory dredges up. Will come cheat and add more if we remember. And we'll do a whole separate post introducing you to Caferati's blog's contributors one of these days.


neha vish said...

We are very glad to meet the long-haired Peter. We also have photographs of you doing your thing with the mug.

(I leave that to the imagination of all your readers)

Marginalien said...

If I were to indulge in a list like that -- which, of course, I am too lazy to do -- there'd be only one name on it and that would be ZIG. And it would be troo.

david raphael israel said...

This post kindles the notion there could be an academic study known as Blogopherics -- involving the relationship between blogospheric activity and interactions (on one hand) and RW same-same (on t'other). In which case, the present post of Zig's could hold historical significance.
On the other hand, if the notion of Blogospherics were ably satirized, it might hold hysterical significance.
I first read about River's 2-second meeting with you on her own blog.

amit varma said...

We are also very glad to meet the long-haired Peter, who once had a beard too. And we want those photographs with the mug. Want want want.

Patrix said...

Great! and you forget me!