Monday, 30 October 2006

Contrary to popular belief, we do get invited to parties.

We went to our first blogparty type thingy this weekend. We were gonna tell you all about it, but the others have, and we've always been a lazy sod, so here ya go: our generous host, Sakshi, that Varma boy, the faymbus Mistah Vij, Melody of the bunny ears, the back-from-sabbatical-Gaurav, the battler-with-dragons, Saket (Saket 1 - Dragons 0), and IdeaSmith (all in black, with litte red horns). Also present: the Varma's better half, Chronicus Skepticus (who, coincidentally, we had visited for the first time just that morn), that talented photographer Akshay Mahajan, a very quiet Anand Agrawal, and three of Sakshi's pals, who stayed firmy rooted to the other side of the room.

And now I lay me down to sleep.

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Melody said...

Yes. Lots of popular beliefs are now shattered. Like the belief that when a group of bloggers meet they discuss intellectual things...

But it was worth the hours and hours of travelling to hear the low-down on Bollywood, right?! lol. Nice to have meet you!