Tuesday, 31 October 2006

That's Doctor Chiru to you

We saw on TV a short while ago (and we can't find the NDTV link, so here's one from the Hindu) that the one and only megastar now has an honorary doctorate from Andhra University to go with his Padma Bhushan. We know this will please at least one resident of our blogroll. You know who you are.


Megha said...

Hmpfh. Would it have killed you to refer to that person as a reader of your blog? Resident of our blogroll, it seems.

Yes, we heard news. Threw a party and drunk ourselves silly. Happy now?

zigzackly said...

See, it would be very presumptious to assume that you would publicly acknowledge being a reader of our 'umble, low profile blog. Resident of our blogroll, on the other hand, unimpeachable evidence exists. :)