Saturday, 7 October 2006


Sunil of Apollon dropped by to tell us that we're the new and improved Blogstreet India's blog of the day today.

Um. We're not quite sure what to think of that.

You see, It's like this. Before they revamped, we were on their Blog Tops lists. And now that they've got it all sorted out, we find, we're still entitled to use this image:

on our site since we're still on both the Top 100 and the Most Influential lists.

We don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything, but heck, we know what our statcounter tells us, and we know that we see some really cool and popular blogs listed below us..

Never mind. We're hot for the day. Bow down and worship, all ye mortals. We have the power of the the high, the middle and the low justice. And the low humour. And ze droit de seigneur. Mwahaha.

Now let's see whether that gets us asked out to more parties.


Leela A said...

Congrasherlashuns! (as my niece puts it) We bow down before thee!

Btw, thanks for your recommendation. Absolute Lee is now powered by Beta Blogger. Come take a look.

Salil said...

Right, the bowing shall commence.

Would you like a Wayne's Worldish "We're not worthy" to go with it?

Ravages said...

'Tis a good thing you have gotten for yourself. So, gongrajulashun. We are wondering, too, about the ficklemindedness of Blogstreet.

zigzackly said...

Lee, Salil, CG,

Thank ye kindly. *Waves To Fans*