Saturday, 21 October 2006

Water Colours

From NH17, somewhere in South Goa. Taken from car window, at approx 80kmph. The driver was a loon!


Kudlai Kudle Beach, Gokarna.

Ditto, with rather more zoom.

On Sunday morn, you would have seen a dot in the middle of the second bay. That dot would have been this blog. Om Beach, Gokarna.

From the inside of the only beach shack already open for business, somewhere around the bit between the middle and the furthest bay, the rocky bit you see in the long shot. Om Beach, Gokarna.

The rocky bit between bays two and three, up close. Om Beach, Gokarna.

Lady and little boy fetching water from some unknown point. The backwaters (yes, I didn't know you had them in Karnataka either) are in the background. Taken on the way back, also from car window. Damn good driver this time. Drove very fast, but one never felt that he wasn't in complete control of his vehicle. NH 17, Somewhere between Gokarna and Karwar.

Random river that NH17 passes over, somewhere between Gokarna and Karwar. Taken from the car.

And no, this picture doesn't begin to do justice to how beautiful it looked, as one swept down the slope, out from behind trees. Breathtaking. Karwar beach, Karwar.

Taken from the heights of Estuary View. Island just off the Kali estuary, Karwar.


km said...

Wow. You're really determined to make everyone jealous, aren't you?

Mangs said...

oh great pics!! wasnt there something exasperating abt the food quality at the om beach shacks though? or was that just a vegetarian experience maybe.

oh, and "karnatak"?!!

John said...


You either have a great camera (which one?) or are taking lessons in photography.


zigzackly said...

Darn. You've gone and outed me.

Welcome to our abode.
Didn't eat the beach shacks. There was only one up (Season's not started yet), and it was serving only tea and soft drinks.

Never taken a lesson, though I plan to, since I know very little about lensing ad stuff. And I've taken lovely pictures with an instant autofocus cam. So either I'm very selective about what I post, very lucky, or have a good eye. :)
I don't believe a good camera makes a good photograph, BTW. But this was a Kodak Z740 borrowed from a pal.