Thursday, 5 October 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's..


Tears of joy. Thank ye kindly, Megha (who introduced this to us by saying "it's NTR without the red undies," or something to that effect) (She just corrected us. She actually said, she said, "NTR forgot his underpants.")


Marginalien said...

Couldn't bear to watch the whole of it -- got to the "chickaboom" sequence and had to quit. You've got to ask yourself how Indians sustain the frantic increase in population when filmstars (and filmstar politicians!) behave as if romance requires nothing more than functioning vocal cords. Playback-singer-vocal-cords. Yow.

km said...

How dare you mock the Superstar of the Masses and the Savior of really is NTR without underpants.

Ph said...

This is even better than the 'if you come today' song. Pomice. :P

zigzackly said...

Alas. We agree, but we think tis has a perverse charm.

Am good son of Andhra, saaru. We would *never* do that.

Um. We still have a bit of a pash for If You Come Today. But this one's close.