Tuesday, 14 September 2004

(: 08-13/09/2004 :)

Yeah, work has been getting in the way of the important stuff again.
Which reminds us, we have a client meeting tomorrow...
...And our efforts to leave will have similar consquences...
...And we have a deadline.
No, you can't play with our comp when we're out.
Now if you make us your default home page, we'll give you, let's see, how does "VP Comments" sound to you? And the corner office?
This is probably why we don't get invited out very much.
Or maybe it's this.
And they told us it was a problem with our ATM card.
Nope. That's Barbara Bush.
And that, my friends, is our raison d'etre.
(hic) Yeah, we totally don't understand thish either.
We tried swimming last year, but the paunches there were bigger than ours.
That's we switched to blogging through the night.
After all, that's why we have two comments sections.
Best explanation we've heard yet. Now we want someone to explain Daylight Savings Time to us.
Yo, Meera, you there?
Gotta patch them shorts.
Depends on which, er, end you're looking at.
Now in India, we avoid that spot of confusion by getting them to actually stand for elections. No, wait, they had the Gipper, and now, Ahnuld.
Did we tell you about the palace we stayed in a little while ago?
Oliphant on outsourcing.
Dear blog...
Life's good with us too. Thanks for asking.
We're waiting for the Feeding Zoo, actually.
Now here's an idea for the Indian tourism industry.
Hm. That's why we haven't heard from her.
That's why, most of the time, we just stick to links.

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