Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Gmail invitation for a rhyme

Gmail contest 1
Write a poem, any style - haiku, ballad, limerick, free verse, quatrain, sonnet, couplet, vilanelle - saying why you need a Gmail account. The funnier the better. Parody of a well-known poem or poet or style gets you extra giggle marks. Perhaps you could touch on how it will improve the quality of your life, get you dates, job offers, etc.
Since the person who suggested this doesn't want an invitation, there are three invitations available here, for the best three poems.
Use the comments section (not the Comment This link - planning to discard that), and don't forget to leave your email address so we know where to send the invitation. Your email address will not be used by this blog for any other purpose except perhaps to ask you to buy us a drink sometime.


atreyee said...

Cannot buy you a drink , am broke :( ! But would love to share a rhyme!
Do I need to leave my e:mail here?
This is-

atreyee said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rats said...

so many men
so little time
so a response
to a g-mail invitation
to rhyme.