Sunday, 19 September 2004

(: 14-18/09/04 :)

Now this one can only be seen by people who come here and don't say a word.
"Liar, liar / pants on fire" doesn't scan well enough?
We better get some shuteye. It's Sunday tomorrow.
And we don't know where the coffee machines is either, darlin.
Print this one up for your softboards, cube dweller.
We never could win, chaps.
That's a field in which we wrote the definitive doctoral thesis.
"State of denial" would be too, too obvious, no?
For NSR and DD. It's about time, isn't it?
Except, we think, "Is that ad/article/brochure ready yet?"
If you get many SMSes from us, it's because we're commuting...but we don't drive when we're messaging...but there's a thought there.
We miss Ftv.
Happy food does that to you.
Ours turn up that way.
We can see it now: KillZig 5.1 The shootemup that's taking blogreaders by storm.
Now don't you start.
Except Reality TV participants.
Opinions wanted here: is Antakshari the only really original game show on Indian TV?
Ah, that's like August 15th in NY?
And that goes double for you, blockhead.
But they sure have fun trying.
Meet deadlines, get up early, exercise...
Now that we think about it, what about Wonder Woman?
Yeah, we hate being disturbed when we're on the comp.
Oooo! Why didn't we think of this before?
You know, this is the one thing they should have outsourced to India before anything else, right, James?
He's probably googling it.

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