Thursday, 9 September 2004

Comment or CommentThis?

While we waffle between Blogger's native comments function and the 3rd party "Comment This" add-on script, we're leaving both on for a bit to see which one people like more.
The advantage of Blogger's comments is that comments show up on the individual post's page, along with the post they're commenting on. Disadvantage: if you're not a blogger member, or choose not to log in, it means people show up Anonymous.
CommentThis lets you enter e-ddress and URL, and offers to remember them for you. Or comment anonymously, all without any extra choices needing to be made. But comments are in a separate pop up windows.
Additional dilemma: if we ditch Comment This now, it means we lose all comments made to date, all of which, we assure you, we value. And it will be too much grief to copy them into blogger comments. Plus anyone trawling the archives will see acres of comment-less posts.
Which, come to think of it, is what we're seeing now.
Ah well.
Your thoughts welcome. Use whichever comment link you like.

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