Friday, 3 September 2004

Is nothing sacred?

Time was when you went to an ATM to (a) withdraw money (b) dump money into the bank (c) withdraw money (d) see how much money you had left to withdraw.
Now, aside from actually getting crisp, staple-free notes tumbling into your sweaty little palms, you can do most anything via your phone banking and net banking facilities. If, that is, you're not with a PSU bank, and provided you can remember your phone PIN, your phone password, your Net banking ID, your net banking password, your customer service number, and Demi Moore's vitalstatistics. And ATMs now give you other facilities too. For instance, ICICI Bank now offers you Anytime Blessings. Click a few buttons and send a donation to the temple of your choice. No tedious pilgrimages. [Link via Amardeep Singh - do toddle over and check out his take on it.]

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