Thursday, 9 September 2004

Goa gets even better. We think.

Such a lovely idea. Live jazz in Goa.
But, but, but... terribly drab site design, and copy that reads like it's been through a P&G focus group. (Like this "Jazz currently has a niche audience in Goa and one of Jazz Goa's goals is to broaden the listener base by encouraging general music lovers to experience and enjoy the magic of spontaneously improvised music through workshops and interactive sessions with performers. Spontaneous improvisation are the keywords to jazz and very often jazz musicians create some of the most memorable music in live performance as opposed to recordings produced in clinical studio sessions. Future plans of Jazz Goa includes releasing live recordings of selected performances in Goa, sourcing corporate sponsorship to launch deserving local jazz musicians at an international level and scholarships to finance talented youngsters who would like to study jazz at some of the worlds best institutes.")
Anyway. We're sure it's the thought that counts. Please go see Jazz Goa. It is with great, er, expectancy that we are, um, anticipating our next sojourn in that great littoral former Portugese colony.

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