Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Cat literati

Zig jealous, Zig forlorn,
Zig wondering why he born.
Fame passed without knocking
About Zig blog no one is talking.

Bloody Putu cat literati
Going to all the Page Three party.
All are coming to see damn cat,
Scratching ear and giving pat.

Damn billi is media hogging,
Zig thinking, damn this blogging.
Putu discussing publishing terms
Zig going garden to eat worms.

Please go see Putu the Cat's hilarious Literary Saga with Happy Ending. We're still chortling.


Anonymous said...

:).. whats with the hi tech comment link:) asks me for password n all..

zig blog all high tech!


zigzackly said...

Nancy :)
Hi stranger. Yeah, just experimenting with the blogger comments funtion. CommentThis, which i had on till now, being an external prog, slows down the loading of the site in general.
The password stuff is only for other blogger users (it "signs" their posts and leads to their blogger profile pages), and, as you discovered, there's no problem with commenting anonymously.