Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Class, discuss:

Drop by Seth Godin's post on who you know as opposed to what you do. Here's a quote:
In a world where things are viral, you're more likely to succeed with passive networking (strangers recommending you) than the old school active kind. In other words, make great stuff, do your homework, build your audience and when you've got something worth talking about, people will talk about it.
So you know who you are in this blog's plans for world domination, right?
And while you're there, see the preceding post on Lies to protect the status quo
1. Canadian pharmaceuticals are dangerous
2. Piracy is killing the ongoing creation of music and movies (notice I didn't say anything about the movie and music businesses)
3. Dental work lasts forever
4. A bottle of Evian is dangerous to airline security and must be surrendered
5. The Microsoft monopoly pays dividends to all users (like IE, for example)
6. You can’t start a business without venture money or a big bank loan
7. Working hard for your boss and following instructions is the best way to get ahead
8. We need to spend taxpayer money on support for traditional factory farming
9. It’s impossible to make a fuel efficient automobile Americans will accept
10. Who you know is more important than what you do
We'd probably change that first one to "Drugs made by anyone other than US-based pharma giants are dangerous." And, based on what we hear, add another "Outsourcing will kill American industry." Got any more suggestions?

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